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Jumat, 20 Februari 2009

When’s the next Google PR update?

No seriously… stop laughing… get the hell back up from the floor…. This isn’t funny.

Ok, so we all know that it’s oft updated, mere representation of the floating point internal and lives a love-hate relationship with link sellers (and builders) the world over. We know the direct correlation of ToolBar PR (TBPR) and rankings is minimal at best. So yer a genius.. pleasure to meet you.
You see I get alerts on a ton of things each day in the ‘ol inbox;

1. Google Alerts for Buzz tracking
2. G-Alerts for Google Dorks
3. Forum thread replies
4. Social Median news
5. New goodies on social media sites
6. Google Webmaster Help

And it was that last one that had me going this morning. One gets used to seeing it on many SEO boards out there….usually noobs – or link merchants. But this fine morning I noticed it (asking about PR updates) twice on the Google boards…ha ha ha ha a ha… and why is that so funny? Because Google surely understands there are few reasons to get excited about TBPR beyond links. It’s like yelling “Hey I am a link fixated search manipulator – Look at me!!”

Yes, I understand some peeps still just get an emotional response to new (higher) TBPR… but not nearly as many these days as there are those wanting to somehow capitalize on the little green bar (LGB). I dearly hope none of these peeps are putting URLs in their profiles if ya know what I mean…

In one of the FAQ’s on the Webmaster Help boards has this;

“I have a lot of new links pointing to my site, but my site’s Toolbar PageRank has not changed in months.

Don’t worry :). We actually recalculate PageRank quite frequently, but only push Toolbar PageRank updates occasionally. This is our respectful hint for you to worry less about PageRank, which is but one of over 200 signals that can affect how your site is crawled, indexed and ranked. ”

And while that is a great answer, anyone asking about links and TBPR on a Google Board should be drawn and quartered. I don’t care if it is an innocent question… it’s akin to asking the cops where the best fields are to grow your pot. Sure, they would know… but uh…
It’s everywhere sadly

You merely have to step inside the front door at forums such as Digital Point(less) to find a slew of “When’s the next update” or other related and equally useless TBPR discussions… which usually incorrectly talk about PR… when most don’t grasp the difference.

So to all you nutters that simply can’t stop talking about TBPR… do yourself a favour and don’t go asking Google… That’s a lifetime subscription to DUH magazine

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Orica mengatakan...

I hoppe my pagerank will be up in the next update.