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Selasa, 17 Februari 2009

Leave a Comment & We’ll Donate $1 To Fight Poverty

Wednesday October 15th is “Blog Action Day: Poverty” and so far 11,211 blogs/websites have participated in this massive awareness campaign, including your friends here at Site-Reference. We hope you can join us! Simply post a comment below and Site-Reference will donate $1 (per comment) to
What is Kiva and why are we supporting it?

Well, a lot of us here are self-starters and while we’ve worked hard, we were given opportunities the majority of the world’s population simply don’t have.
You know, little things like quality education, the proper infrastructure (access to the computers, internet, etc), and most importantly financing. No matter what, it takes $$$ to make $$$. Whether its a few bucks to keep you fed while you get going, or a few million to create the next great piece of software, all entrepreneurs need some money to start with.
With Kiva, fortunate entrepreneurs such as us are able to make small loans to those in the developing world that can then turn them into profitable businesses and sustain themselves, their families and in some cases their communities over the long run. And the best part- once these loans are repaid they go to help the next guy/girl.

For more on Kiva checkout their page here: So if you’re reading this- leave a comment- it’s the least you can do and we’ll donate $1 to Kiva.

Or if you have more than the 2 seconds it takes to leave a comment, get involved yourself at or go help out that charity you’ve always told yourself you’d get involved with.

On Monday Ocotber 20th, we’ll tally up all the comments and we will make our donation at that time.

Many thanks for your continued support, Nic, Dave and the Site-Reference crew

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