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Sabtu, 07 Maret 2009

Google AdSense Top Paying Keyword - How Do I Find the Highest Paying Keywords?

By Tim Whorley

You realize that Google AdSense has the ability to make you some decent extra income. And, actually you might begin to think like some others who have done it, that you can make a living off of AdSense revenue.

Some do make a full time income from AdSense. However, I would point out that they are in the minority. Regardless, you can make extra money by adding AdSense to your websites and blogs.

Many folks start their businesses with their passion or interests in mind and then just add AdSense to it which helps subsidize what they're making online otherwise. This is what the majority of people do.
Now, there are others who wish to aim higher and earn a living from AdSense. This is possible but you have to think smart and look for hot niches and markets. You also have to work harder or smarter to get the necessary traffic to your sites and blogs.

Google AdSense Top Paying Keyword

For those that are looking to maximize their income from AdSense without guessing as to what might profitable there is often a question around how to find the highest paying AdSense keywords.

How do you find them? Well interestingly enough their are other websites devoted to providing lists of top paying Google AdSense keywords. So you can check those out and see if they can help. Some may have outdated lists and other sites will have a product to sell you. This might be the best way to go and that will be up to you to choose.

If you don't have much cash to begin with or you just like to go on your own, then you create sites and blogs that have high paying keywords anyway. You just need to use head and look around and see what is popular and what sells. You'll be able to think of things almost instantly. A couple of examples are credit cards and cellphones. You know both are always in demand and with that said, advertisers will pay a lot to get a their ads out there.

I hope this has been helpful and good luck in your search.

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