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Sabtu, 07 Maret 2009

How You Can Start Making Easy Money With Google AdSense

By Ewen D Chia

Google AdSense is one of the most profitable and popular programs website publishers use today. Today it is difficult to find many websites that don't use Google AdSense. If used properly Google AdSense can be extremely profitable for even small-scale websites. However improper use of the AdSense program will be a major waste of time. In some cases it could lead to disqualification from the program, which would leave a lot of money on the table for publishers.

Beginning with Google AdSense is easy and unlike most online money making programs, will generate income immediately, without an initial investment. Registering with Google AdSense is simple and quick.

The first thing you'll need of course is a website or Blog. This can be about anything you would like, but it will need to have original content. How-to articles and product reviews are two examples of historically successful sites. The main idea to keep in mind is to publish something that people want to read and that has relatively little competition in the search engines.

Now its time to place your Google AdSense ads on your site. The ads are very small and extremely simple to use. The positioning of your ads must be kept in mind. Studies have shown that when someone visits a website their attention usually goes to the top left of the screen. This is probably because when using a search engine we typically look at the top ranking sites first, which are always on the top, reading left to right. This top-left area is probably the best place to put your AdSense ads in your site.

Publishes make money when visitors of the website or Blog click on the sponsored ads. The payment amount for these clicks varies greatly depending on the keywords and general niche of the topic.

Making money with Google AdSense is very simple to do, but like any trade, is hard to master. The top AdSense earners are making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, utilizing hundreds or thousands of different sites or Blogs. The road to these riches is long and often difficult. But with a little hard work you too can be making a great living with Google AdSense.

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