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Sabtu, 07 Maret 2009

Learning More About AdSense and PPC

By Chris Reyes

AdSense is a program from Google to help webmasters earn money online. It is widely used and fairly popular. Other search engines such as yahoo have tried to duplicate Google's success, but Google remains number one with PPC (Pay Per Click). There are hundreds of success stories of people who use AdSense. The first step to earning with AdSense is understanding it.

There are 4 types of AdSense ads:

- Pubs via conventional AdSense ads (CPC = cost per click on ads): These are banners advertising "texts" on the right of this website (nb: AdSense displays images, but it's rare) . It is the largest source of income via AdSense, as well ads are often targeted and not too intrusive with a powerful customization (color, size ...). Note that more ads are placed (on top of the site, in the field of view ...), the more you earn!

- Click on the links via the search engine Google (CPC) is a window with a customizable internal engine to the site and that also allows research on the Internet. You are paid if the user clicks on an ad in this dedicated search engine. It is a great way to make money and to render service to your users. Currently on revenues search engine of more than 10% of AdSense income in total (since the establishment of this small piece of code, we found a 15% increase in advertising revenues, because they are additional income of non-competing AdSense ads).

- Click on the button to download the free Google Pack (sponsorship). Sales through this system are very low (even zero!), Because very few people are interested in the Google Pack (are they already have, are they do not know what is!).

- AdSense ads with payment to CPA (sponsorship) is the novelty of July 2007. Google adopts a system similar to the classical membership, you pay at the result! In fact you do not touch money to click, but only if the user is buying / registering for a newsletter ... The advantage is the compensation is more important, and you can choose from a list of advertisements Display ... A disadvantage is that even if you click, if the sale is done you do not win! More for the moment there are very few advertisers, and therefore not really relevant ads unlike AdSense classic where there is crowd of advertisers ... (nb: this system is being tested on from 2 weeks, and for now there was no income to report, despite an announcement very relevant!).

Check out for more info on AdSense and AdSense Techniques.

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