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Selasa, 27 Januari 2009

Can You Use PPC To Drive Traffic To Your Blog?

Writing by Brick Marketing

You’ve heard of landing pages as we’ve spent considerable time discussing them here at the Pay Per Click Journal Blog. You know that a well-optimized landing page coupled with a well-optimized PPC ad that is focused on driving traffic to a well-converting page will lead to great rewards. But what about your blog? Is PPC a good tool for driving traffic to a website that changes every day?

Well, first, you must ask what is the monetization plan. You can use pay per click advertising to drive traffic anywhere. But if you expect to realize a profit and see some ROI from your efforts, you’ve got to have a monetization plan in place.
There are, of course, more than one way to monetize a blog. Your blog could be a membership site like Brian Clarks. Or you may offer a free download wherein you make your sales offers, or build an opt-in list that allows you to follow up with future marketing messages. All of those OK monetization plans, though not the only ones. The bottom line when it comes to PPC advertising is to have a plan for monetization and make that plan work for you.

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