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Selasa, 27 Januari 2009

3 Types of SEO And When To Employ Them

Writing by Nick Stamoulis

Search engine optimization comes in different flavors. Which type to use for your website depends on what your goals and aims for your site are.

Here are three different types of SEO and when you should use them:

* Reputation Management - Reputation management is optimization that is identity focused. You want to protect a name or a brand so the keywords that you target are related to the brand name, corporate name, or personal name whose reputation you are managing. It should start the moment you realize you have a brand or a name to protect and is ongoing.
* Keyword-Targeted SEO - This is traditional SEO. You want to build a website that attracts targeted traffic through the search engines and social circles that your target audience frequents. The focus is on attracting your target market by targeting the keywords that they are likely to use to search for information related to your product or service. When you build a website where lead generation or sales related to a specific keyword niche then you should use keyword-targeted SEO.
* Influence Peddling - Sometimes you just want to be an influencer. You are attempting to persuade or guide conversations with regard to a particular topic, subject, or niche. You are not selling anything other than your ideas and influence. This type of SEO relies on using relevant and broad semantically charged ideas. Your target audience may find you through search engine results pages, through social media outlets, or by word of mouth. But you are not necessarily targeting your market through keyword-targeted content. The actual ideas you convey are more important than the individual keywords you wish to target. Your audience will find you based on your ability to promote your ideas through a variety of personal and professional connections.

Before you build your next website, think about each of these types of optimization. Which one is more appropriate for your website? Maybe a little of all of them. But if you know the most appropriate type of search engine optimization needed for your website, you’ll be better capable of achieving the results you want.

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