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Selasa, 27 Januari 2009

How Many SEOs Does It Take To Rank A Web Page?

Writing by Nick Stamoulis

Are you game for a good joke? Here goes: How many search engine optimization experts does it take to rank a web page? Answer: Only 1; you’ll never find two SEOs who’ll agree on anything.

OK, it may not be funny, but there is some element of truth to it. There are thousands of search engine optimization consultants out there and you’ll be hard pressed to find a few who will agree on every aspect of SEO. In fact, sometimes it is difficult to find two SEOs that agree on any aspect of SEO. That’s why I always caution against working with two SEOs at the same time.

There are business people who shop around for a service by having two or more service providers work a project and see which one gets better results. I don’t recommend that approach because what will likely happen is you’ll get two SEOs whose style are completely different and you’ll get conflicting messages about what it is you’re trying to get accomplished. You’ll likely end up more confused than you were when you started. A better approach is to work with one SEM expert or firm at a time. If you find one that doesn’t work for you, fire them and get another firm, but don’t waste your time trying to work with two search engine optimization experts at the same time.

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3 komentar:

it's bdh mengatakan...

I prefer to do it myself and be happy with whatever the result of my page rank, to be honest why would you have to spent so much money if there is always ways to achieve it as long as you are willing to spent time on it ?

Have a great day, my friend :-)

fuda mengatakan...

LoL, im agree with it's bdh

blogging enjoy aja. nga usah buru2 yang penting bisa berbagi tawa, info dan yang lainnya.

tar juga naik sendiri.. ga usa pake duid hihihi..

ya dah cabut dlu, komputer mo di pake adik T__T

redhy mengatakan...

nice info ,,..hope i'll learn much about information on your site..