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Kamis, 01 Januari 2009

LG LCD Born Most Clearer

by : Budi Winoto

INILAH.COM, Jakarta - LG Display Co. creator of the liquid Crystal display (LCD) the second largest in the world to develop LCD panels with a time of transition from light to dark very quickly. LCD is claimed most rarefied world.

LG said the product is called "Trumotion 480 Hz," has a refresh rate of 480 Hertz. The amount is equal to the speed of 4 millidetik.

LCD technology is no longer calculated based on the frames per second, but the time to make the transition.

LG LCD panel that will dramatically reduce blur when displaying images that move quickly, especially for the LCD refresh rate with the standard 120 or 240 Hertz Hertz.

LG Display says the panel will issue a new prototypes are being developed in Las Vegas in January at the International Consumer Electronics Show. The exhibition is an arena of electronic household equipment largest.

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