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Kamis, 01 Januari 2009

Technology 2009

This is technology, which is intended to become head of news next year. From T-ray as a replacement X-ray, aircraft probe that can fly nonstop for five years, until the evolution of technology, material from Nanotechnology to pikoteknologi. T-ray
Q shortness of Shortly. T-ray, which has a wavelength between micro and infrared waves, replacing some future role of roentgen rays alias X-ray This blessing is the ability rays penetrate clothing and skin into the deep as several millimeters. Unlike the X-ray, not the T-ray diffraction, which terionisasi, so do not cause cancer.

One of the big problems to regenerate bone, blood vessel, or the organ is not the ideal planting media. But scientists years before the American media have it, that kind of jelly made from polymer called hidrogel. At Carnegie Mellon University, planting media have proved suitable for the bone to grow back; at Baylor and Rice this material is used meregenerasi network of dental tartar affected.
When the German fisikawan electron microscope using a special beresolusi ultratinggi to observe objects the size of some pikometer in the summer and they are starting a new era of technology, material renik: from Nanotechnology (1 nanometer = sepersemiliar meters) to a pikoteknologi (1 pikometer = sepersetriliun meters).
Has long been the Pentagon research agency, DARPA, to develop unmanned aircraft that can fly long. Vulture through the project, they want an aircraft that can fly nonstop for five years. In addition to military purposes, these aircraft can replace the role of low-orbit satellites. So, next year candidate diramaikan by the pilot airplanes that.
In front of the television era, the lines become three dimensional. This is initiated by the Dutch electronics giant, Philips, which recently launched a system WOWvx. Lentikular lens on the glass screen television provides images of objects that have cast a "depth". The price is still quite expensive, about U.S. $ 12 thousand (Rp 144 million) for the 42-inch screen. But next year cheaper fuel prices, as Sharp and other manufacturers also plan to launch this type of television.

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