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Kamis, 01 Januari 2009

Car technology Party Immediately slide in the year 2009

Haitian vehicle is ready to thrown into the market next year. Self kuras pocket GBP 127 thousand (equivalent to Rp 2.1 billion), car running great Terrafugia Transition is able nangkring in the home garage.

Yes, quite a home garage. No need to provide Hanggar such aircraft in general. Although the wings have a car capable of speeds of 184 with the regime kilometers per hour and climb as far as 736 km distance is practical. The wings can be folded and developed a new epoch needed.

What is clear, with the "aircraft street" is, there is no need to stress because didera must permeate the streets jammed outside the ordinary. Moreover, sparing the time. Surabaya-Mastung that average applied only need three hours to one hour.

This Daily Mail, Terrafugia Transition, which is also considered as a light-sport aircraft Airplane alias sport light the practical problems of fuel. Self brought to the retail outlets only prove a conventional car.

"You can drive or menerbangkannya at any time," said the spokesman Terrafugia designers based in Woburn, Massachusetts, USA.

In January,, producers ensure that flying car, buyers will not regret the money to have them. They can feel the progress of the technology world. Cars are flying 30 years ago is only present in the film is now no longer hallucinate.

"This is evidence that the pilot community is now ready with the dream become a reality," they write in the site.

For the regime, the dream car platform also need to square off. Therefore, the need to be taken to the nearest airport first (

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