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Kamis, 01 Januari 2009

Overview of Web Technology Trends 2009

Mobile Application
2008, a year early development of the mobile platform, where developers start saw the mobile application as a major business fields and potentially large. See just how gilanya iphone developer growing rapidly, as well as android, a mobile operating system licensed open source that initiated google. Both trends are opening roads into how a future mobile application will be developed. Tentunnya interesting that the more mobile applications based on open source in 2009. 2009 likely will be the year his mobile application.

Web Everywhere
web now not again become the property of the browser running on the desktop, but now the web has become an application 'only my imagination we can limit' which can be accessed from anywhere and by anyone. Start from the traditional to the browser with various gadgets. Web has evolved from a simple form of information originally inter-related, be content that is developing its own high due to the social networking site with the application that will replace traditional desktop applications. 2009, the web will be far more developed.

Web & Desktop
When the boundaries between web applications and desktop applications increasingly thin and mingled with each other. This caused the development of web teknolog own tape and point of the fast internet (not yet in Indonesia), able to combine between desktop applications and web into one unit. Start from the kind of proprietary technology to Adobe Air-based open-source technology such as Prism and TitaniumApp.

How in Indonesia?
Without Internet access, all over the technology will not run. I often hear that the development of internet users in Indonesia at this very quickly. According to my statement is not wrong but also not correct. May be more appropriate if the said Internet users in the 'Java for middle and the current is very fast. See our only brother brother outside Java is still relatively difficult to get access to the Internet a cheap and reliable. Internet technology is developing in Java seputaran and several large cities only.

However, we may think of it negative, fast or slow, however how, and whatever the result, in 2009 hopefully that reliable Internet access can also be enjoyed not only for the people of Java, but most evenly across the country. Indonesia is not merely question, the potential outside Java is very large and with the Internet access cheap and reliable in all india of course will have a positive effect quickly, as soon as the development of technology in 2009. nice!

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