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Kamis, 01 Januari 2009

This is the Website Most Success in 2008

How often visit the site? His firm Skoda, based on research, there are several websites that the main source of users worldwide. Because keunikannya, the website is also a major advertising companies.

More than just a search site, Google is a benchmark technology development sites in the world. Google offers many services. Like Google Docs for spreadsheets, word processing and presentasigratis.

In addition, the images from Google Earth can now be operated in the browser, so no need to download a long time. Google also can be run through mobile phones, including the iPhone.

Google also add to the ease of online social network through Friend Connect. The service is soon to facilitate interaction with many friends online.

Friend Connect to create the Facebook member can join a community music With this facility to share favorite music can be performed more easily.

Sites that offer photo service, come and go, but the vote is to survive. This site offers the most clever tool to manage the collection of photos. In addition, the ability of editing photos through Flickr Picnik is very extraordinary. This site provides free service to upload photos to 100 MB.

Who is not familiar Facebook. MySpace to have more users, but Facebook makes it easier for people looking for work and captivate the professional and aged above 30 years old.

This site has more than 30 thousand applications to add them on in games, interactive maps, and quizzes. If one social network sites is not enough, there are Bebo and hi5.

Mini-ad site Craigslist, but have a business value to U.S. $ 15 billion. Craigslist become a web of fixed and be important for you want to display ads, ranging from real estate, job search, to find the pair.

Craigslist expand operations in 100 cities to the totals to 500 cities in 50 countries. To become the leading competitors, including new Kijiji, Oodle and OLX, Craigslist is now available in many languages from Spain, France, Italy and Germany. Craigslist also operates in Indonesia.

Although there are still question the validity of the information, remains the most reliable online encyclopedia on the web. Because all people can create and edit pages, then both individuals and companies that participate in this site.

For sports, Debate is king. Pencadu sports rely on mega site to search for information about the score, the match schedule and analysis of sports.

After that users can watch video highlights the match.

The last few years, Debate continues to increase the number of diliput the tournament. Users can also subscribe, Debate Alerts to get the message, and priveiw short video.

Yahoo! Finance is a paradise for the investor and speculator. Yahoo! Finance reliable many business people to continue running the business. This site also provides news report certain shares, diagrams, and news about the company.

Broker big can subscribe to U.S. $ 10.95 a month for the stock charts in realtime. Although critics get Yahoo! failed in innovation, but this site is the best in providing financial information.

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