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Sabtu, 06 Desember 2008

3G Internet access IM2 Broom Unlimited Prepaid

After September the package Indosat 3G unlimited internet access, it is likely followed by the provision of similar packages unlimited under the flag of Indosat Mega Media (IM2), although with a different option packages with the price package berikisar of the most inexpensive Rp160 to Rp900 thousand per thousand month. Same as Indosat 3.5G Broadband unlimited, buyer method is postpaid or postpaid. Then, in October this also, IM2 back to the package but unlimited access to the 3G system with a prepaid or prepaid with the product name IM2 Broom Unlimited.

Broom Prepaid 3.5G package provided by IM2 own two of the Classic (calculation based on volume) and Unlimited. Selection of this package is done when the activation of the card through the website IM2. The interest from IM2 Broom Unlimited is because the candidates prepaid users simply buy a card and run directly without the need to be able to use the document as a specific requirement of registration and survey process that takes daily.

About the price, electro IM2 Broom Unlimited with the price of Rp150 thousand, but when I try to buy them day Okeshop Merdeka in Bandung, the price charged is Rp140 thousand. For unlimited options package, the price of this card is included access for a month to the next. After a month out of the active and want to continue, then the need to be filled with re-price Rp100 thousand for the next one month.


Like Flash Telkomsel and Indosat 3.G Broadband Unlimited, unlimited or without restriction, which is intended in this package is in the volume of data that can be used within one month are not limited, however, so there are restrictions in access speed. To package IM2 Broom Unlimited use their own limits with the same Indosat 3.G Broadband Unlimited, which provided access speed up to 256 kbps up to 2GB with the volume of use, and then after that access speed will be decreased up to 64 kbps up to the volume of the is not limited.

Activation problems IM2 Broom Unlimited

After buying the card of IM2 Broom Unlimited Friday night yesterday, I also tried to connect with IM2 Broom Unlimited. I set the initial settings to connect to follow the appropriate instructions are included, APN: indosatm2, username: indosatm2, and the password: prepaid. If the initial connection is successful, it should do is to fill the activation of personal data, whether the selection of packages or Unlimited Classic, also specify the username and password for the new data replace username and password to start.

Unfortunately, when I try to connect with the data APN settings, username and password first, I always get the following error message:

Error 619 - A connection to the remote computer could not be established, so the port used for this connection was closed.

This lasted until Saturday morning, when the 3G signal when trying Indosat is well received on the status bar Huawei E220 modem that I use. To seek clarity on the issue, I also call call center Indosat M2.

According to officials call centers, should the conditions of Indosat 3G signal is received, the connection can run, and the error message, according to him, such as error username and password it. After properly be tried again and still the same, the officer was about to carry him through the activation of personal data and inform the election username and password to be used on the next connection. Just after the next change with the username and password to the newly created, the connection can be performed.

The same thing also happened on my friends, connection with the initial data username and password before the initial activation, can not be done. Based on my previous experience, then ask the direct activation and the creation of a username and password through the call center IM2 until the end and can be used.

Test Results Speed Access

I do not have the technical ability to test the depth. From the day and night today, for me that more use of internet access for browsing and downloading files small size, access using IM2 Broom Unlimited already is sufficient. If any data pengukurannya, I can do is do-tested field service through, and two of the results are as follows:



I wish only to access the next-access smoothly and do not often get interference.

As I have previously polecat, the existence of the package, such as prepaid Internet access IM2 Broom Unlimited will be appropriate for that would not be bothered with administrative issues such as the post-pay packages. If you want a package similar Telkomsel or Indosat Flash 3.5G Broadband unlimited stumble but can not meet the administrative requirements or do not want to fuss as in some of my friends, may make IM2 Broom Unlimited this as a choice. More information can be read through the website IM2.

The option varied unlimited access, I wish only to make each other providers compete in terms of improving the quality of service to the customers satisfaction.

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