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Rabu, 03 Desember 2008

Cisco iPodWdm

Ready to bring technology era Zettabyte
Recently, precisely on July 24, Cisco announced the development of Internet Protocol technology over the dense Wavelength division multiplexing (IPoDWDM) to support the telecommunications operators and Internet service provider to welcome Zettabyte era. Just information, one zettabyte equal to 1 trillion gigabytes or the equivalent of 250 billion chip DVD.
IPoDWDM will allow telecommunications operators and Internet service provider to provide services more widely, both to individuals and business customers. "By integrating technology into the optical router capacity and the largest to date, Cisco offers the flexibility, scalability, and ease of installation and management of telecommunications operators and Internet service providers to maximize the level of investment in the network, "said Kobie F. Agus, service provider director, Cisco Systems Philippines.
The merit of this technology is the ability for operators to provide telecommunications and Internet service providers to turn double the reach of delivery descent to 2,000 kilometers without regenerating through the management of Cisco CRS1. 40Gbps interface module in the Cisco CRS1 can support the implementation in all types of geographic areas in the virtual.
IPoDWDM technology development not only in the core network through Cisco CRS1, but also improve the ability IPoDWDM solutions to the network edge router uses a series of Cisco XR 12000 and 12000. Equipped with the adapter port 10 Gigabit Ethernet router in this series, the delivery of bandwidth to 10 Gbps allows for distance up to 2,000 kilometers.
Cisco to improve reliability by providing proactive protection features (Proactive Fast Reroute), which will automatically make resetting in 15 milliseconds, so maintaining the delivery of video and data on the important point is lost if the fiber. Featured resetting is three times faster than the industry standard is 50 milliseconds.
In addition to the benefits of flexibility and scalability, development IPoDWDM technology allows the transmission bandwidth of up to 2,000 km without regenerating significantly reduces the utilization of electricity resources, space, and cooling system more than 50 percent.

Info:, the magazine chip Ed. 08/2008

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