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Selasa, 23 Desember 2008

Strategies to create a vision

According to Peter F. Drucker, the foundation of effective leadership is thinking vision and mission of the organization, study, and menegakkannya a clear and evident. Leaders set goals, determine priorities, and set and monitor standards.

Meanwhile, according to Tony Buzan in the book The Power of Spiritual Intelegence, vision is defined as the ability to think or plan the future with the wise and imaginative, using a mental picture of the situation that can and may occur in the future. The company's vision is the desire of companies that are ideal of carefully formulated, which determine the direction or future circumstances. The researchers see the vision as very important for the leadership, the implementation of the strategy and change (Doz & Prahalad, 1987; Hunt, 1991; Kotter, 1990; Robbins & Duncan, 1988; Sashkin, 1988).

Thus, the vision is the starting point of fact the next day a company. Vision, which is a very powerful ideas that can make the leap into the future beginning with the rally all the resources to realize the vision. Vision has the right lure and cause other people to make a commitment, generate energy and enthusiasm, to create meaning for the life of the company, to create standards that can be used to measure the success of the company, can be used outside people (customers) to measure the benefits for the company, a The main bridge between what is done now with companies that want the company in the future, is a major prerequisite for the moment and is the strategic basis for formulating the company's mission. Intel has a vision of encouraging ongoing innovation boundaries so that people can make life more fervent, more fulfilled and easier to manage. Intel's strong commitment to drive technology to make future has been the transformation of the world with a leap and bound. Intel is a company that always move in the circumstances, coal, creating an industry that never rest. Intel responses partner to develop innovative products and services, rally to support the industry can provide solutions with better resolution with collectively provide greater benefits and more quickly.

Bill Gates at the beginning of the founding of Microsoft, has the vision of "A computer on every desk in every home, running the Microsoft device." But after Bill Gates created the MS-DOS, it makes the Windows operating system as well as home use window (window) that caused Bill Gates to become Entrepreneurs richest in the world. It is not true is true that Bill Gates is merely a role in putting the PC in the office and at home in the world, but Bill Gates has the vision to see what is possible and the desire to change the vision into reality.

Thomas Watson Sr.. change the company name Computing Tabulating Recording Company became International Business Machine (IBM), even when not operate internationally, but Thomas Watson has a vision that the company later became the company that operates internationally. When Watson called the International Business Machine (IBM) many people when it mentertawakannya. Even if there is a name that Watson is too grown-blown company. But now IBM is a modern company and the manajernya become role models by setting the white shirt, plain tie, the spirit of selling out. In 2003 this company was selected as the IBM computer that the world's most spectacular version of Fortune magazine.

Jeff Bezos is the founder of, which initially only a bookstore .. Why does he call the company with Amazon. Because "the Amazon river is the largest river in the world" said Jeff Bezos. How the river Nile. River Nile is the longest river in the world, if compared with the volume of the water Amazon River is the only child the Amazon river. Amazon river contains 20% water world, then Jeff Bezos has on the company soon became the company which controlled 20% of the world market. to open the site E-Commernya in July 1995, the beginning of the book store and then spread to the compact disk (CD) and then to auction, and now thousands of different products and different traders. In 1996, to sell 15.7 million dollars and jumped into 600 million dollars in 1998. reported on November 1, through December 23, 2002, consumers who do order in the world 56 million items to become the best online stores 2002 version of Yahoo magazine.

John F. Welch, Jr. (former CEO) of General Electric stated: "We use the three principles set the atmosphere for the operation and behavior at General Electric: no border in all our behavior, speed in everything we do and peregangan in each of the targets that we set" . Behavior without border rally twelve global business major, each number one or number two in the market, to a laboratory in the area of the produkutamanya is a new idea, along with the general commitment to disseminate the company's history. Speed is something that does not usually found in the company of General Electric, General Electric, but in the form found in the speed of product development, design re-recycling (from order to delivery), set back the ability to reduce investment and factory equipment. Peregangan means using dreams to set targets that exceed the set target.


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