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Rabu, 03 Desember 2008

WiFi Personal Area Network

Intel immediately launch a replacement Bluetooth Technology
Almost seven years since the first Bluetooth device launched to the market. Intel soon change this situation by launching Ozmo Devices that will replace the short-range wireless standard is. The idea is to research the potential of this standard. WiFi Personal Area Network (WiFiPAN) was based on the classic WLAN and WLAN can use the hardware already available in laptops and PCs. To that end, which only needed a new driver. Compared with Bluetooth, WiFiPAN can provide transfer rate of 9 MBit / s, almost five times faster than Bluetooth 2.0. In addition, this technology supports up to eight connections at once. Since WiFiPAN resource that does not require the performance of the wireless large for this, users can browse for use with WLAN features tersebut.Bahkan, consumption also charged that more small talk time with a wireless headset can be reached 20 hours, increased three times. However, other parties must provide the new hardware. Manufacturers must complete a mobile phone, keyboard, and headset with a chip WiFiPAN. Apparently, this technology will be launched in the near future. Intel will integrate the software needed to noteboknotebok in Centrino-based. Instead, Bluetooth is no longer a part of the Intel platform.

Source: Info:, Ed Magazine chip. 08/2008

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