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Selasa, 23 Desember 2008

GeCube HD4870

ATI's RV770 as far as the series is divided into two akselerator, the HD 4870 and HD 4850. Currently HD 4870 is the highest caste of the ATI graphics card for single-class chip. HD 4870 is positioned against Nvidia G92 used by the 9800 GTX, and also Nvidia GT200, especially GTX 260.

Viewing the designs, Gecube HD4870 is a design that exactly with the design of the card and cooling reference from ATI. The only identity in the GeCube graphics card is just a label GeCube inherent in the body of a graphics card.

Questions performance, this HD 4870 is very good, especially when he uses a fast GDRR5. Capable of performing beyond 9800 GTX performance, and almost the same as the GTX 260. HD 4870 graphics card is a class of high-end, which is very interesting, especially its performance can be approached even rival graphics card with a higher price. (Steven Irwandi - Contributor)

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