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Selasa, 23 Desember 2008

HP Compaq dx2310 MicroTower

Along with the campaign "Computer is Personal Again", HP offers a multiplicity visible incentive package to the PC and notebook market with a different target for various segments. HP Compaq dx2310 is one of them. PC from HP's latest target is the business segment that is visible from the fusion specifications reliable and affordable. Rely on the Intel Dual Core processors, the PC is dibandrol with prices around U.S. $ 532. This is the price of operating systems including Windows Vista, keyboard, and mouse, but without a monitor. If you want the whole PC, available packages that combine PC with LCD monitor.

Because the activity is intended for office, dx2310 MicroTower designed in the form of a standard and without additional accessories such as card reader. Multimedia device is also standard. In addition to the DVD-writer and audio, there are no additional FireWire connection for other purposes such as video editing. All the facilities are complete optional, so you must add more funds to get them. However, to ensure the connectivity of data is used controller class Gigabit Ethernet network.

As a PC for office purposes, dx2310 deliberately designed with the normal specifications. This is evident from the use of Dual Core E2180 processor speed of 2GHz and 1GB of DDR2 RAM, combined with the graphics card onboard Intel GMA X3100. Consequently when the test through our standard, the results indicated that not special. To run productivity applications such as Office there is no problem, but a score of 124 on the 3Dmark 2006 shows the PC could not be invited to play games weight class.

To support its performance, in the application by the dx2310 is HP's Backup and Recovery Manager for ease of doing back-up your important data. Do not worry too matter in which store data as dx2310 provides hard disk with a capacity of 160GB.

As for the desktop PC business, HP Compaq dx2310 package MT is sufficient, and we still do not recommend for gaming. Some specifications that appear similar to the PC is actually a mini Nucleom AG80, which is also our test, but the Atom processor performance clearly less quickly than the Dual Core. For normal office activity dx2310 this package we can recommend to you

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