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Sabtu, 06 Desember 2008

Cool multiplayer Games Wireless

Almost impossible if InfoKomputer faithful readers do not like the computer game. Various types of games, which begin to entertain that wrinkled brow, and never trying most of the readers of this magazine. Games are the best entertainment for your day-to-day work in front of the PC, and games can also bring critical if a dope game win in the competition.

Games that made the competition is usually a game played in strategy and the need to overcome certain other groups. Honestly, play the game in more than campaigning alone. Can overcome the characters played other people certainly more challenging than the steps to stop the characters driven by the computer program. Has not already or obscenities out of other colleagues when the character is successfully defeated a sensation that may not be obtained when the play itself.

Unfortunately, the game or the group known as multiplayer gaming require initial investment in the shape of the network infrastructure that sometimes caused when first built. If there is a room that has a level of difficulty of the installation of a high, you can play multiplayer intention to immediately diurungkan.

As a wireless alternative

Nay, if you want to experiment a little, learner-gaming events with friends can be done with the easy way, namely by using wireless technology as the main base of the network. The price of wireless devices that influence now allows you to build the network more easily and cheaply. The only things that need to know when deciding to switch to a wireless network that is the quality not as good as cable. However, if the ease and practicality is your priority, not an attempt not?

Questions how to build a network does not need to be ready dirisaukan. In this article we will show how to create a wireless network with bekinerja high cost of a cheap and suitable for playing multiplayer games. To be easier, we also show how to design a wireless network that effectively, while mengonfigurasinya eligible to play that game. No lag, some products that access point drop ever return to the laboratory InfoKomputer our show as a reference if you want to build the network.

Design Topology

Most multiplayer games require a good bandwidth when operating in the network. Even some games that we try it are often choked the main, if played by many users. Themed strategy games such as Warcraft and Command & Conquer game that is often played in sendatan if the wireless network. This is possible because of the large number of movements of characters that must be reported to each terminal, while the game with fewer characters (First Person Shooter, Role Playing Games and the like) are relatively more smoothly when played.

When Designing tricks Topology

So that the game can run well, there are some tricks that you can follow when designing a wireless network topology.

1. Restrict users in a single access point. Because of the nature to share bandwidth in a canal, you must restrict access to users in an access point. Optimizing a MIMO access point (multiple Input, Multiple Output) can handle up to 5 terminals with both. If it exceeds the number of users is the best way is to increase the number of access points to other users. As the information to calculate the bandwidth, see table test results show that our product selection in the page.

2. Avoid the use of wireless security. Because the security of wireless bandwidth could slow to 20%, you are well off all modes of encryption or the restriction of access to clients via the MAC address.

3. Possible dekatkan terminal to the access point. This is related to the nature of the wireless signal tends to be delivering data with good strength if large. Auto increasingly close to the terminal access point, the signal is strong.

4. Create a dedicated server. In some games this feature available, and allows the computer to allocate most resources to serve other gaming terminals.

Star with an access point

If there are 1 to 5 client that will connect to the network multiplayer games, you can create a topology, such as the image below. An access point can serve up to 5 users to connect to the server and use the cable games.

Star With 2 or more access point (bridged star)

If the terminal totaling more than 5 then split into several user access point is the best technique. Figure 3 below shows the access point is connected with each other and one cable to connect to the server. Topology model such as this can serve up to 25 users if a dedicated server used.

************************************************** ********

Network Configuration

The following is a brief step-by-step how to configure access points and clients are ready to be used for multiplayer gaming. Below we show the configuration of the device using the Linksys WRT54GL firmware with DD-WRT made NewMedia-Net GmbH. Like most access points in the market, DD-WRT firmware provides facilities QoS

Setting Access Point

1. Specify the IP address of access point.

If more than one access point is used, make sure there is no IP address the same access point with a client or access point to access point.

2. Limit DHCP.

DHCP is used to provide IP addresses to clients automatically. Limit rentangnya to 5 can only be given to the IP client automatically by the access point.

3. Give priority

To keep current, brikan highest priority to the data game through the facilities Quality of Service (QoS).

If you know the communications port the game will be played (we tried the game Warcraft Frozen Throne working on the port 6112), there is good information is included in the list of priorities for QoS.

If using a dedicated server and connected to a port on the LAN access point, give the highest priority of this port when mentransmisikan data.

4. Turn off the wireless security

Because it can hinder the connection, if possible, avoid turn on wireless encryption facilities to play multiplayer games.

Until this access point you are ready to be friends to play multiplayer games. To be more complete, we show how the following connect the client.

Setting Client

1. Search network available.

Make sure each client to connect to the access point in accordance with the topology on the draft early.

2. Watch signals

If the connection is there, watching the wireless signal strength. Signals are qualified ranged between 3 to 5 bars with a minimum speed of 11 Mbps.

Example configuration Games

Once the infrastructure is ready for use, it is time to try to play multiplayer games on wireless networks that are available. For example, we try to do the configuration in the short game Warcraft III: Frozen Throne.

Game strategy is not forced to provide facilities dedicated server, so that one player must be configured as a server. Not to decline in quality, special terminal servers that act as we connect this port to the LAN access points using cable. If not possible, this terminal server can be selected from a PC that has the distance and obstacles with the most minimal access point.

Configuring a server in the game

Almost no difference between the configuration and serve the client. But it only the server must be connected and start the connection first.

1. Local Network Games

In the main menu Warcraft III: Frozen Throne, select the Local Area Network

2. Create Games

The next step is to create a new game session. By the way, click the Start menu Games in the bottom of the screen. Do not forget to give the names of the players in the Player Name as well as the server name, here, we use the name of the server DeadChest.

3. Specify the map of war

Because this computer will act as a server, specify the map wars that have been available. Then again click the Create button Games

4. Ready for action

Games have been ready to sever. Now living waiting to join other players to join this server. If less players, take advantage of computer services to complete. Then click Start Game.

Configuring the client side

Not much difference in the client-side configuration. If the server is ready, you live and waiting to join the server start the game. To join, the following steps.

1. Local Nework Games

Same as the server, before it can play multiplayer, the client must click on this button.

2. Joining with the server

Next select the live servers that provide gaming sessions. DeadChest server is a server that is configured with the steps above.

3. Ready to fight

If you have to screen this, it means you are ready to fight. While waiting to start a game server, you can choose from 4 character team available. If confused, take advantage of random mode to let the computer select the character.

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