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Rabu, 03 Desember 2008

Newest Cat Family From Mac OS X

October 26 2007 Apple launched the latest version of the Mac Operating System OS X - version 10.5 - the nickname given Leopard. Operating system, which he said is a 'role model' in the design of Microsoft's Vista-in-his claim as the largest update of Mac OS X with more than 300 new features compared with the previous version - Tiger.

Apple-leafs own dedicated web page to display the various features of Leopard in the main, and one page long to describe (almost) all the newest features is a brief on their site . Please visit: to see. Apple also provides a video introduction of the newest operating system by almost a half hour, and can in purchasing the site in or download the file as a Quicktime berekstensi. Mov with the size slightly larger than 80 Megabytes.

The users of Apple fanatics of course, already waiting 'latest cat', but they do not own it. An analysis on the Internet also reported that many Windows users who switch to other hearts because of their frustration against Vista.

About this issue Steve Jobs - the boss of Apple - with a few jokes (or not?) Said that he will not make a distinction, and with prices (U.S. $ 129 for one license, or U.S. $ 199 five-license) of all people will get a version Ultimate from Leopard. A satire that hit for Vista launched with the many versions in which version termahal (U $ 399.95 for a license) and the most complete version, called Ultimate (table of comparison between the various versions of Vista and fiturnya each can be viewed here: http:/ /

Various new features the most prominent

Apart from the improvement of the old faces that previously existed in Tiger, the new Leopard features tigaratusan also bring many newcomers who really new. Here are some of them.

The first changes will be most visible is the new face of the Desktop. Indeed, he becomes more beautiful, but our focus is not the ability to face new Desktop called Stack.
With Stack, Leopard users will get a similar variety of items that are usually 'lie shattered' surface in the Desktop 'tertumpuk' neatly in the Menubar. Besides can choose to prepare a curve in the form of piles of (fan) or terkelompok (grid), Leopard users can also choose what types of items will be grouped.

Finder a'la iTunes
It is not a member of the new Finder, but now he has a choice of the view that new. The same as the property of incidents clickwheel iPod Nano adapted to the iPod Classic, a view apparently coverflow iTunes adapted to the iPhone and iPod Touch so popular, so also adapted in the Finder.
Apple may also plans to adapt technology touch the surface of the multi-touch, which is currently used in the iPhone and iPod Touch range of products on the computer. Can be predicted that the result will look and will melibas its competitors - provided that the selling price of products does not rebound foolhardy course.

Quick with a view
Obviously the experience menejemen file that during this very boring to be far more fun with features coverflow in the Finder. Use the arrows on the keyboard to move from one file to another file. But that is more intense when the button is pressed Friend Space. Leopard users will be able to quickly view the contents of the files that are selected in the Finder. Without the same once the default application to open it, any type of file it; from the image, text files, PDFs, movies, presentations, Mail attachments, up to Microsoft Word and Excel files. This feature will be very useful if combined also diengan Time Machine that we will be following.

Time Machine
Can not be denied that one of the new Leopard features that get the most attention is Time Machine. This is a total system backup files that can restore the files will be deleted either intentionally or not. As though we were brought back to the time where the files are not deleted. Of course the backup file system is not new goods. But analysts such as a word in the field of IT, internet, Apple is a privilege that they can create a process that is considered normal running properly, and also easy and beautiful.

A drawing for the performance of Time Machine. That needs to be done is connect an external drive (with adequate capacity, of course), press one button to select the drive as a backup medium, and let it all run automatically. Indeed, as a backup system that should be run.

Notes, Todos and Templates in the Mail
One of the players long provided a new capability, Mail. Preserve their ability to manage email, Mail now features making notes (Notes) on the 'paper' yellow underlined - a regular feature powerful because it is also integrated with the ability to create ToDo quickly. Notes can also be placed in the Inbox so that would not also want to be legible. So there is no reason forget.

In addition Mail also diperkaya with various beautiful templates that can directly be used to send, for example, greeting card or electronic birthday invitation meeting that stylishly. Again, the use of templates is not a new thing, but Apple knows when the time is right to meluncurkannya. When this speed internet connections in general and the ability of computer graphics processing is no longer a barrier to the use of various templates that 'heavy'. In addition, whom I questioned the quality of the display design templates from Apple? [Figure 5]

Sharing screen via iChat
Via iChat, Apple brought the usual chat-chat via the network connection for more advanced capabilities with iChat for mutual access Desktop from the recipient's computer. With seijin users of course.

With the 'control' computer opponent speech, someone can help solve problems for his friends. In addition, the process of sharing files also becomes very easy. This capability opens the possibility for the parties that are linked to collaborate do something together.

One of the fun of the new iChat is their ability to change the background. A person can be made as if to speak of the future are Eifel tower in Paris. Video files can also be used as the background so that everything becomes very real. [Figure 6]

To share space work
Multitasking - do many things in the same time - have become integral parts that are not from the work culture of modern society. It seems strange if there is only one application is open at a time in your computer. As a result, of course, can already suspected: the computer display to be shattered with the various things that weigh up, you become confused, and decreased productivity.

Solutions that Apple is given spaces - a virtual desktop that can be used to group the various applications for a theme the same. For example, the desktop for the first design, both for the online desktop, desktop games for the third, and fourth for desktop multimedia. All you surrendered. With the move, move the desktop, you will only be on one theme only at a time, and usually not more than 3-4 applications only.

Leopard gives users the freedom to make up with 16 virtual desktops, but 4 is more than enough for a normal user. [Image 7]

Opening the window
There is one thing in Leopard, which could have been trying since long in Tiger. Bootcamp name. Now Bootcamp already graduated from the training and it is not a beta application again. Consequently, the Bootcamp is only available through Leopard and can not be downloaded freely as first.

Mac machines plus the ability to run Windows Bootcamp in the claim as (according to the test lab by many parties, he said even better than) the computer that was built specifically for Windows - that's called a PC.

May simply be said that the system has a PC can run Windows but can not run Mac (at least not officially, and without blame), while the system has the means Mac can run Mac OS while Windows properly.

To upgrade the system to Leopard
Although the fact the process of replacing the operating system in your Mac from Tiger to Leopard is as simple as entering the DVD installer and then clicking OK to wait, but to have the perfeksionis, the following are some resources that can be used as a grip to ensure everything will run with the best of:

For Mac owners' old ', do not forget to also ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements, namely G4 processor 867 MHz, 512 MB memory, the remaining empty space on the hard disk is 9 GB, also a DVD Drive.

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