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Selasa, 23 Desember 2008

Zotac GTX 260

Design GTX 260 graphics card output Zotac is actually exactly the same with WinFast GTX 260. What distinguishes them is a sticker attached to the cooling graphics card. Moreover, the design of the card, a refrigerator, fan and a reference design from Nvidia.

Zotac GTX 260 holds exactly the same specification with the specification of the reference Nvidia. Speed standard has been very fast. Supported by the local capacity of 896MB memory, a graphics card is able to run the latest game-game.

With the performance offered, it seems reasonable that if the price offered is also quite high. Fortunately, not only the performance of graphics card offered by Zotac. There is the added value offered in the package Zotac sales GTX 260, which bundles the latest games, Race Driver: Grid. (Steven Irwandi - Contributor)

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klu dibandingkan dengan GE8800
lebih cepat mana coz aku mau ganti VGA Ni dari 8800 ke vga yang lebih bagus lagi wat aplikasi multimedia...