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Rabu, 03 Desember 2008

Google android Circulation is on the internet

mobile os
Google android Circulation is on the internet
While Google's open secret about the content of their mobile phone femonemal in November last year, all fussy. Although the phone is a long-awaited, this search engine was to introduce an open source operating system Linux-based navigation and Internet featurefeature better. Although the operating system called Android, which is intended to finish at the end of the year later, preversinya already circulating on the Internet. CHIP also has been trying to install and Android. To test this, we install the Alpha version of the Android smartphone HTC Kaiser. Besides Google, the Open Handset Alliance also has a mobile phone manufacturer HTC, which are developing the system. This is easier for other programmers can do customize the latest HTC mobile phone. Currently, the Android not replace the old Windows Mobile. GoogleSystem dibooting such as a program from Windows. When tried, there is no problem and is relatively easy. Graphical interface that is better simply operated on the prime touchscreen. Responnya quickly and there is no delay. Indeed, the performance of integrated software still shows fasefase early development. CHIP still can not use the phone, browser, or Google Maps. Similarly with the WLAN chipset on the phone, still has not been detected. In addition, the operating system can only disoft reset so that only less convenient.
Conclusion: Currently, the new Android interface that gives the impression that good. Development is still in the stage to fight. Firmware revisions appear almost every week. Google and its partners launched Android to the American market in 2008, before Windows Mobile 7 released. Info:

Source: Magazines chip Ed. 08/2008

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