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Selasa, 23 Desember 2008

AMD: fanaticism Superkomputer x86

In mid December, the Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) announced that the processor Quad-Core AMD Opteron has been supporting the "Jaguar", Superkomputer first x86-based, which is able to achieve petaflop performance. AMD's dominance is marked with sabetan AMD Opteron processor, which now supports 7 in 10 of the system Superkomputer in the world.

Klessimone system based processor IBM PowerXCell at Los Alamos National Labs back off the first champion in the TOP500 list Superkomputer-issued twice a year. Meanwhile Superkomputer Jaguar at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory to follow in the rank-2, and based on the survey has become a x86-based systems with high performance.

Jaguar is a system based Cray XT4 and XT5, and running on the 45000 processor Quad Core AMD Opteron, x86-based systems makes it a no compare. "TOP500 list Superkomputasi today reconfirmed the leadership of AMD and the best performance that can be enjoyed HPC customers in the next few years," said Ryan Sim, ASEAN director of sales, AMD.

"7 of the 10 system of computing the most in the world currently utilize a balanced platform from Direct Connect Architecture, AMD. We are committed to the HPC community for memperkuatnya with Quad-Core processor AMD Opteron 45nm launched a new," Ryan supplement.

Recently, AMD has also announced the availability of the processor Quad-Core AMD Opteron processor is 45nm Shanghai berkodekan name. Processor Quad-Core AMD Opteron latest Drawing has the ability to handle HPC workloads, including higher in the floating point performance, memory bandwidth, more quickly run the various work and better performance.