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Rabu, 03 Desember 2008

Object oriented programming with TURBO C++ and Borlan C++ (part. 1)

Talking about C (read: the ples ples) is not separated from the C language, as language support. C language is the language is the language between the beraras low (language-oriented machine) and high beraras language (language-oriented men), which was created by Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie in the years around 1972.
C created a decade after the C language, which was created by Bjarne Stroustrup, Bell Laboratories, AT & T, in 1983. C own name given by Rick Mascitti in the summer of 1983, in which the C derived from the name of the service in the language penaikkan C.
Keistimewahan C language is the language that supports object-oriented programming (often abbreviated or Pbo OOP / Object Oriented Programming), in which the idea basically is the object-oriented language that combines the functions of data to access the data into a unity.
The main objective of making the language C is to increase productivity in programming to make an application. Most experts claim that Pbo and C can reduce the kekompleksitasan, especially on a large program that consists of 10,000 lines or more.
2. Chataristic object-based Programming
There are three main Chataristic criticism from the object-oriented, among others:
a. Encapsulation
Encapsulation is the packaging of data and functions in the vessel, called the object. Data no longer be treated as a component of the second after the function, but the data have the same position with the function.

b. Inheritance
Is the nature of the object-oriented language that allows nature - the nature of a class derived class to another.

c. Polymorphism
It is a concept that brings together something that can have various forms of behavior and different. One of the C polimorfisme can dikanakan the function or service and is known by the term Overloading.

3. Program C
Program C can be written using a text editor cleanup, such as EDIT (owned by the DOS (disk operation system)), WordStar, sidekick or use the default editor of the compiler.
C programs written with the usual name extension. CPP (from C plus plus). C so that the program can be run, it first must be compiled using C compilers. At the time of compilation, the program source C (. CPP) with the file - the file headers (. H or. Hpp) will be translated by a compiler into C code - the code objects (. Obj) where the file will form a binary file in the format (are 0 and 1).

4. C Compiler
Currently, there are many C compiler outstanding in the market. For example: Microsoft Corporation, as the manufacturer of software that termasyur, products such as Microsoft C compiler C / C and C Visual Basic. Borlan International Turbo pascalnya popular with the Turbo C and C Borlan.

(Flat libraries: Abdul Kadir, C Programming, Andi Offset, Print Edition II, II, 2006)

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