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Rabu, 03 Desember 2008


* Broom Unlimited is unlimited Internet access service through the 3.5G network IM2 with the method of payment each month still use prepaid voucher.
* On Time
Active period is the period where you can Broom Account used to access the Internet. The period of active accounts Broom Unlimited is for 1 (one) month, with effect from the date the first time in the activation of the card. Furthermore, the active period for the next month will follow the same pattern.

* Grace
The grace period is a period where the account Broom you can not be used to access the internet for a while until done charging voucher. You must immediately make a payment (charging voucher) Broom Account before you burn.
* Speed Access
You will enjoy the access speed of up to 256 Kbps with a volume of up to 2GB. Where then after that access speed will be decreased up to 64 Kbps up to the volume of usage is not limited.


1. Payment of Rp 100,000, - it can be done with a voucher worth 100,000 with a voucher or other (10,000, 25,000 and 50,000) the total value of 100,000. For example:
* Payment by 2 units voucher 50.000, or
* Payment with 4 units voucher 25000
2. Voucher payment will be active in the next month and the activities refers to the date of activation card.
* If customers make a payment on the active period, it will be valid for a period of time on the next.

If customers do pemabayaran the grace period, they will not extend the period of active voucher.

# Payment by several units voucher worth 100,000, the payment voucher will be valid in the period following month.

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