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Senin, 29 Desember 2008

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy includes market segmentation and pembidikan market, product strategies, pricing strategies, the strategy places and campaign strategy. For consumer products marketing, segmentation variable is the main geographic segmentation, segmentation demografiss, psikografi segmentation, segmentation and behavior segmentation benefits.

Consumer Market Segmentation

Segmentation is a geographic division of the market into geographical units different, for example, regions, countries, states, provinces, cities, and the island. Nissan Motor MICRA do with the product's geographic market segmentation, the French market for ads using the French language with the title "SPURE", shown in the picture 7.1. Billboard ads made TBWA Paris get the Bronze Euro Effie in 2004. While the market for the UK, ads using English with the title "MODRO", shown in the picture 7.2. Billboard ads made TBWA London also received the Bronze Euro Effie in 2004.

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