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Sabtu, 13 Desember 2008

Mobile Modem Axis Released - The cellular modem Internet Axis launched the move (mobile wireless modem) is the name given access Axis.
Chief Marketing Officer of Axis, John Buse in a press conference in Jakarta, Friday said, Axis Access package consists of "3 in 1" is a 3G Modem Huawei E160G plug and play, a MicroSD card slot and a Micro SD card storage capacity of 1 GB, with the price of Rp1, 338 million

Axis Access customers also get free Internet access to 6 GB for a year or 500 MB per month and tariff Rp0, 7 / kb any excess usage.

"We offer the lowest rates for internet access and access to the Axis sure we are able to attract the attention of consumers who have a computer but does not yet have access to the Internet," said Johan.

Indonesia still has the potential of the online market is very large because the penetration is still low of 10%. Because the Access program Axis is a new, he did not set a sales target.

He said the government has set up a third of the total 2,000 BTS Axis or around 650 BTS Node B supports this wireless Internet service. Axis is in Java, Bali, Lombok, Medan, Riau Islands and Riau.

Meanwhile, Vice President Sales and Distribution Axis, The Nasution said Axis has been able to provide 3G services in 12 cities, among others, Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Pekanbaru, Batam, Denpasar and Mataram.

With the launch of the Axis Access only 3 Plans have not namely HCPT, which launched the service a mobile modem.

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