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Rabu, 03 Desember 2008


Notebooks with Crocodile
Who is not familiar with notebook manufacturer Sony VAIO output, a manufacturer of notebook design that captivate and a good performance. This time, Sony is trying to offer a notebook with an elegant design that will force the eyes to meliriknya. The first time you will feel "wow" with a view above all because bodynya have motifs such as crocodile skin with a sepia winsome, with the rest of my silver color to the inside. Keyboardnya very convenient to use because it has the distance between the keys. The bottom of the trackpad are part of a prominent place for all but a few indicators that make this notebook is bigger than most other notebooks using the screen 14 ".
To use the VAIO affairs processor speed 2.10GHz FSB800 with 3MB of L2 cache in Intel's Pair with 2GB of memory that will make your system run faster. Not only that, 250GB hard disk capacity can be above average notebook given outstanding in the market. Interesting fact that this type of Vaio buyers are given flexibility to mengcostumize color chassis with six color choices (White Dove, Champagne Gold, Cosmopolitan Pink, Indigo Blue, Sangria Red, Black, Silver Crocodile, Crocodile Brown) and the components in which, unfortunately, Indonesia can not. Customization can be done only for online purchases. Interconnection is complete because it is mensupport Wireless N, other than a / b / g that there is a regular notebook and other Bluetooth 2.0. Not behind the cameras, 1.3 megapixel Motion EYE ® on the top of the its screen although both have energy but do not forget the Vaio battery capacity because of problems can still live for 1 hour 40 minutes.
Energy conclusion that given enough penggunaaan application for a sizable weight but unfortunately less balanced with the battery long enough for use in the outdoors, this notebook may not have created for the high mobility due to the severity also less convenient to take, take.

Source: Ed Chip Magazine. 08/2008

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