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Jumat, 19 Desember 2008

Intel to celebrate the birth of-40 with 1 Million Hours

Intel employees celebrate birthdays to the company and-40 passing with 1 million hours of social work. Not only that, in the event also held fund of U.S. $ 8 million. Increasing employment in the social environment where living and working environment employees have programs to encourage the development of appropriate social skills. This is done by specialized confront the employee with the needs of the community.

Some examples of how an action berartinya other social visible on the program that dipelopori Intel focused on the subjects of mathematics and science. Intel also volunteers to teach young people there begaimana make a vegetable garden and provide important health information to students and their families can consume more food and healthy living. In Brazil, sales manager Intel invite young people from underprivileged communities to campuses Intel to get the education and training.

Not limited to humans only. In Massachusetts, a program to save the rare eagles Kestrel, run smoothly owing to the Intel employees who build the nest boxes from wood. Even Intel volunteers from Malaysia to adopt an animal turtle given the name Intel, and equipped with a satellite transmitter to help researchers analyze why the turtle population continues to wane. Working in accordance with the social skills that are owned, such as this have been very well received around the world, and of course when puncakya birthdays to the Intel-40. (HDI)


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