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Senin, 29 Desember 2008

Operating Strategy

by : m.suyanto

Operating strategy is a strategy to change the inputs (raw materials, material support, human machine) to the output of value. Operating strategies must be coordinated with marketing strategies, human resource strategies and financial strategies. Strategy relates to the operation of facilities and equipment, resources and planning and controlling operations.

Facilities and Equipment
Components of facilities and equipment related to the location of the factory, the size of factories, equipment and facilities that support the empowerment of business strategy and other functional strategies. Toyota Motor Company mendirikann factory in Texas, built in 2003 and completed in 2006, is designed to increase Toyota Production System (polling stations), with consideration as a pilot in the industrial quality, efficiency and advanced technology to achieve a new level. "The facilities we will introduce a number of production that the patent is now making cars and the level of information that must be owned right now. More important is to build a pilot for the Toyota Production System, which will make the network how many of the 21 sparate parts and components supplier can be combined and integrated in one place. Toyota Tundra's Texas plant-TMMTX will be the first car factory, which integrates the supplier, production facilities in the same place in a few things under the same roof as a car manufacturer that the main "said Don Jackson, vice president of quality and production TMMTX.

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