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Selasa, 23 Desember 2008


Windows Operating System developed by the Stardust, William Henry Gates III (born on 28 October 1955), he is known by the name of Bill Gates, together with his friend Paul Allen (they currently serves as Director and Chairman of the Creator Software for Microsoft). According to Forbes magazine, Bill Gates is the richest person in the world at this time.

Microsoft Corporation was founded in 1975, its headquarters in Redmond, Washington, USA, is the largest software companies in the world (with more than 50,000 employees in various countries, to May 2004).
Microsoft to develop, make, license and support a variety of software products for various computer equipment. The most popular products is the Microsoft Windows operating system, which has been ubiquitous in the desktop computer market.
Microsoft sells a variety of software products. Many of these products are developed internally, for example, Microsoft Basic. Some of the products purchased and re dimerek for distribution by Microsoft, including Microsoft Project, a program management project Visio, a program pentabelan, DoubleSpace, Virtual PC, purchased from Connectix, and even MS-DOS, which became the initial success of Microsoft software that is purchased from other companies .
Seven major Microsoft business units are:
• Windows Client (to manage the client, server and operating system called Windows)
• Information Worker (office software products to manage)
• Microsoft Business Solutions (business services and manage the application process)
• Server and Tools (to manage the development of the device and the server software that is integrated)
• Mobile and Embedded Devices (palmtop and manage phone services)
• MSN (managing web-based services)
• Home and Entertainment (hardware and software to manage customer)

There is also the Macintosh Business Unit, which makes Microsoft's Macintosh software developers to be the largest company outside of Apple itself.

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