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Sabtu, 27 Desember 2008

Tips for Improving Traffic Alexa Rank

The webmaster of course, is that many know what 'Alexa'. For the owner of the web / blog is of course also often hear or see the word 'Alexa Rank' it. Alexa is a measure of a company's traffic ranking of a web-based system with the use of the Alexa toolbar in the period by 3 months. Ranking of a website based on the measurement of 'reach' and 'Page'. 'Reach' is measured by the amount of view of global Internet users who visit a particular site while the 'Page' is the total number of users that Alexander merequest URL of a site. Request the URL from 1 user-recurring in the same day will be counted as a single pageview.

Once you see what is the meaning of Alexa, we can conclude that Alexander Rank certainly very useful to see how Until web / blog that we manage this. However, there are also some sounds that are counter to the conclusions. They felt that the calculation ranked Alexander is not accurate and can cheat by the webmaster of that experienced in the field.

However, Alexa Rank is still needed if we want to monetize-me-a web / blog us. In my previous posting about the 'get paid to review', there are several commercial websites (when we give wage write a review), which requires Alexander Rank of the web registered in certain limits. They are more 'respect' on the website that has traffic Button Rank high.

Although my web is still quite new, because I just change the domain, but what if I shed a little knowledge that I know you all make hihiihi .. .. With based on the experience of domain2 that I have tools and guidance from some well-known blogger, in this post I will present some ways to improve traffic Alexa Rank. The steps as follows:

1. Alexander install the toolbar. Toolbar is more suitable with mozilla firefox browser and is known by the name Sparky 'The Alexa toolbar for Firefox. AddSaya already use and performansinya quite satisfactory. I can see Alexa Rank of the web in the corner of my visit down the browser Firefox. Get Sparky here!

2. Place Alexa widgets on the sidebar or the other in the website for you to know Rank Alexander and the popularity of a web link for you. As this example:

"Place interactive always-updated Alexa widgets on your site. These handy little widgets require virtually no programming skills. Just copy the html and put it on your site. "
3. Use Redirects on the link to a blog on us. Example: Please replace the paper I gave it a red color with a URL (address) from a web / blog for you. I often use this address to redirect every opportunity, for example, the signature on the email or siganture forum that I follow.
4. Create a posting on the related optimization Alexa Rank like I'm doing this:). Mudah2an successfully MORRIS ..
5. Create articles of quality, weight and comfortable to read, so visitors feel comfortable when visiting our website and of course to increase traffic to visit our web. I never read the articles that are interesting and may be useful for you all the way mempopularitaskan link our website, please read here.
6. Sering2lah blogwalking. Visit the web / blog owned by other people and give comments on so I can build a relationship of connection the first place while our own campaign web:)
7. Join the mailing list or forums. Do not forget to include the signature which there is a link our website.

Have a nice try and enjoy your traffic! :):)

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