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Rabu, 03 Desember 2008

Cuil Search EnGine

Long road to compete with the giant Google
The Google software developers jebolan quite "confident" the target to install the large search engines launched during the latest chunk (read: COOL). Search engines are initiated by the husband and wife Anna Patterson and Tom Costello and former Google employee other candidate promised more intelligent "dig" in the data from the Internet on Google. Architecture of search engines chipped claimed they have gathered more popular or called to do indexing about 120 billion web pages (121,617,892,992 web page when tested). This amount is estimated to be three times greater than the general search engines. Whether coincidence or not, Google barubaru also want to rebut claims such as those announced by kerhasilannya penetrate the number one trillion recorded in the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) on the Web.
mainstay recipes:
Does not depend merely on the index. According to pengembangenurut pengembangnya, chipped successful or not depends on their success in doing the indexing of websites on the Internet and handle a series of questions (queries) from the user. Both aspects of this when combined with population of Internet users who scaled certainly will be very big impact on the high cost. However, developers have chipped admitted telling solutions to these pressing fee signifiknkan, even for the scale of Google has been achieved at this time.
The search results also chipped considered more attractive because the lines are presented in a magazine format shows. Chipped it seems that trying to persuade users may have been saturated with a view to Google's search results are dominated by the URL text from various websites that monoton. The search results will be chipped along with many more photos (pictures) and a sidebar on the right side that can be clicked to see more detail about various topics related to the results pencarian.Penggagas chunk also have claimed that the search function better than Google, Yahoo! Search, and Microsoft Live Search when viewed from the mechanism of the system indices website. Chipped not only create keyword catalog to create a website ranking, but also a word based on the queries received that the results relevant to the user.
Testing chipped short.
Promise chunk still need to be proven. Changing behavior peselancar to switch from Google to reverse the chunk is not like palms. Menjegal Google the opportunity to remain in this era of the early occurrence, Google is also faced with the domination of other search engines at that time, such as Yahoo! or AltaVista.
Viewing from various individuals behind the chipped, such as Anna Patterson, Tom Costello, and Russell Power, which knows "innards" Google while still working there or Louis Monier from the AltaVista search engine is a pioneer in the Internet, we can expect search engines can be chipped at least compete with the giant Google. Apart from the accuracy of the search results, the test results indicate CHIP chipped 9,188,142 can provide search results for the search "magazine chip", while Google "only" 66,300. Had produced different results when the keyword "Gus Dur", where the chunk results show only 93,313, while Google can reach 841,000 results.

Source:, Ed Chip magazine. 08/2008

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