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Senin, 29 Desember 2008

Control of Strategic

Control strategies focus on the way with the strategy that dimplementasikan, to detect any problems or areas of potential problem areas and make the necessary adjustments. Newman and Logan use the terminology "rudder control system" to highlight some important characteristics of the control strategy. Typically, a range of important time between the beginning of the implementation of the strategy with the achievement of results that diharapkannya. During that time, a number of projects implemented, the investment made and the actions undertaken to mengimplentasikan new strategy. Also, the internal situation and environment companies are growing and developing. Control strategy is needed to control the company through these events. Control strategy should provide some immediate correction based on the performance of the middle and new information.

Henry Mintzberg states that issue as well the organization plans to create a strategy, but that different strategies may appear. Starting with the strategies planned or expected related to several things:
• Strategy, which is expected to be realized that the strategy called intentionally (deliberate strategy)
• Strategy, which is not expected to be realized that the strategy called not realized (unrealized strategy)
• Strategy realized that never expected called an emergency strategy (emergent strategy)

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