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Senin, 08 Desember 2008

Zoom Bandwidth with IP Transit

As a form of commitment and concern for speed Internet penetration in Indonesia, PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom) Tbk on Thursday (4 / 12) introduce the IP Transit Service. Diusung technology that uses two optical cable media, namely, the best path to transit the global optic transit and a dedicated global gateway here.

Transit global best path optic IP Transit service is using the best routing path or point the best gateway between the upstream multi-media provider, Telkom with the optical cable.

Transit dedicated global gateway optic IP Transit service is using a dedicated routing through the gateway STIX (Singapore) or TM (Malaysia), with the media optic cable.

"The introduction of IP Transit service is also intended to accelerate the development of Telkom in the Domestic Internet Exchange Point of Presence all (POP) IP Transit," said Dahlan Ermady Chief Operating Officer of Telkom.

"Unlike with other IP Transit services market telcom guarantee 1:1 ratio of bandwidth to the upstream provider, Telkom. In addition, IP Transit service, Telkom planned to have the 2009 international bandwidth to 40 Gbps," Ermady supplement.

Just additional services, IP Transit service is the interconnection to the global Internet traffic with the full route features the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) use the Internet and IP blocks, and the U.S. (Autonomous System) number owned by the customer.

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