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Rabu, 03 Desember 2008

Platform Notebook

First Test: This is the ability of Intel's Centrino 2 New
Number two is the Intel Centrino mobile technology for making this can be a sign that the technology will be many new diusung them. Technology notebook, which is a combination of the fifth generation chipsets, processors, and Intel's WiFi adapter for the mobile platform is finally coming, too! CHIP can be lucky enough to become one of the magazine's ability to go the first notebook with the Centrino 2.
The good news from chip graphic:
3d performance increased almost twofold
Updates about new graphic chip is Intel GMA X4500HD. This chip is hidden in the GM45 chipset, which is included in the Centrino 2. Their performance more quickly up to twice the support of, GMA X3100 found on the Santa Rosa platform. At least, that is the promise of Intel. During testing, Intel is holding the promise, although not entirely. In 3DMark 2005, this chip to get 1,545 points or 70 percent faster than the predecessor, who get 910 points. More convincing results obtained Centrino 2 in the game normally 3DCounter Strike: Source. Raised with 63 fps (frames per second), means faster performance than the 96 percent of fathers brother. However, the increase still must be viewed in a more detailed comparison. Although the new chip is faster than previous variants, is still performing in line with chips from other manufacturers, the Nvidia GeForce 8400M G. For the latest gamegame, capabilities are not yet fully exhausted. Intel still has other variants of 2 with the Centrino chipset PM45. Here the options available to the graphic chip nonIntel chip from Nvidia or ATI (AMD).
Wlan high:
better than the predecessor WiFi Link 5100 is a facility without a cable network that became one of the biggest attraction of Intel Centrino 2. When the test in optimal conditions, performance WLANnya is a test recordsman WLAN obtained CHIP Test Center for this. This is shown by the test results obtained CHIP of 106 Mbps. As a comparison, the performance of the Centrino WLAN last only 73 Mbps. Reach in a bad condition WLAN also greater than the predecessor. In the test conditions with the signal strength of three barsinyal (a distance of about 20 meters), the transfer rate of WiFi Link 5100 can reach 31 Mbps. The occurrence of bad conditions (transfer rate of about 23 Mbps), which experienced the previous generation of WiFi, is now rare. In other words, the performance of top-class WLAN card from the previous standard WiFi only half of it. Conversely, many changes are not made by Intel in prosesornya. Intel is adding several new models for the series notebook Penryn "T". CHIP test notebook, which is the T9400 series processors with clock speeds of 2.53 GHz, 6 MB of cache (2X3 MB), and the value of TDP of 35 W. Prosesornya are ranked among the T9300 and T9500. This new generation Penryn also supports Front Side Bus (FSB) 1066 MHz fast. Unfortunately, this feature can not yet be fully utilized. The reasons DDR3 memory or DDR2 1066 are not yet available in the market. Resistance Centrino 2 notebook batteries also can not diacungi thumbs when tested. Indeed, power consumption is reduced in the Centrino 2 in idle mode 24 W into 16 W. Meanwhile, at full load, konsumsinya reduced from 48 W to 30 W. However, when running Office applications, notebook survive only 10 minutes longer than notebook predecessor (Santa Rosa-based).
In conclusion, improvement of the processor and battery duration is less than the maximum. However, the increased performance of integrated graphic and WLAN praised feasible.

Info:, the magazine Chip Ed. 08/2008

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